Welcome to Howling Blast!

December 17, 2008

sharbow1 Welcome! As you can probably tell, things are still under construction here at Howling Blast, but I figured I’d get something up here for the inquiring minds.

I’m Sharvhan, and I’ll be your tour guide here. What I hope to do is help out new DK tanks through tanking basics, DK specific strategies, a bit of theorycrafting, as well as share some stories I’ve found entertaining or amusing in my time in WoW. If you’re looking for high end raiding stuff, you won’t find it here. I’m what they call a “casual” WoW player, meaning I play the game at my own pace and not rush to 80 and raid. While I may not be as far progressed as other DKs, I can promise to do my research on the class and advise to the best of my ability. After all, it’s a new class and a learning process for me too!

Currently, I’m in the process of parsing some numbers to shed some light on the two-handed tanking vs DW tanking argument and I hope to have those up for you folks as soon as I can. With the holidays just around the corner though, it may be a few days before I’m able to get a few solid posts up, but hope to get started here soon!